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Want to eat the delicious banh Mi pizza

Now, you can easily turn your all time favorite banh Mi sandwich into pizza with this delicious banh pizza recipe. This pizza is usually topped with fresh carrots, cilantro, sesame ginger, sriracha, and jalapenos and so on. This is also a most craving pizza among youngsters; because it tastes something unique. When you begin thinking of making different recipes, you just transform of your favorite meals into delicious pizza. This banh pizza is surely coming to your mind and then starts to make it. Initially, you can begin making this pizza with carrots, onions, and jalapenos on pizza before baking. You can make sure the toppings must be raw and added on it after the pizza was baked.

How to make perfect banh pizza?

To prepare the perfect banh mi pizza, you can easily fluff up ginger sauce and cook up with the small meat with sauce and bake it perfectly. Then, you can top the par baked banh pizza dough with a residue of sesame ginger sauce, mozzarella cheese, cooked meat, and bake all these items. Finally, you can add raw onions, carrots, and jalapenos on the top. To finish it off, you can provide a small smattering of fresh cilantro and a sprinkle of sriracha. For extra taste, you can add a tablespoon of sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, crushed red pepper, minced fresh ginger and crushed garlic clove. At last, the toppings of tattered mozzarella cheese are added to bring the great taste.