What is White Coffee?

What is White Coffee and How do You Brew it

White coffee you say? If you’ve been reading about this wild new form of coffee and wonder what it is we’re here to explain it to you. According to the Authority on White Coffee Nectar of Life, white coffee is a special light roast of regular coffee beans. In the case of Nectar of Life they have a proprietary light roasting method they use on gourmet grade certified organic Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans. This special roast results in a light yellow coffee bean that is then ground in to a fine powder that looks “almost” white.

What are the Benefits of White Coffee?

According to Nectar of Life the special roasting process that results in white coffee preserves all the natural caffeine in the coffee beans. In addition to preserving all of the caffeine this process also retains all the antioxidants and chlorogenic acids that naturally reside in coffee beans. These antioxidants and acids have been shown to have multiple health benefits. Antioxidants can stop free-radicals and other harmful agents. Another benefit of white coffee is it may help regulate insulin response and blood sugar. Of course the high caffeine content is beneficial to anyone who needs a little stimulation to make it through the day.

Coffee than Roasting

What Does White Coffee Taste Like?

It is difficult to describe what white coffee tastes like. It is described as having a nutty flavor with firm acidity and no bitterness. It tastes nothing like regular coffee and can be considered more like a green tea. Most people do not drink white coffee straight. They tend to blend the prepared white coffee with milk, syrups and other flavorings. This results in a drink that doesn’t taste like coffee, but has a lot of caffeine.

How do you Brew White Coffee?

White coffee beans are very dense and hard so white coffee needs to be ground with special industrial grinders. For this reason white coffee is sold pre-ground to a very fine grind. When white coffee first came on the scene it was exclusively prepared as espresso and was sold in cafes and drive through espresso stands. Now that white coffee is more main stream it is brewed in many ways. You can prepare white coffee as espresso, drip coffee, pour over and even French press. One thing to note is white coffee absorbs a lot of water which causes it to swell. If you prepare it as espresso fill the porta filter level, but don’t tamp. Most people run water through the puck for a few seconds then pause. This gives the white coffee time to swell and pack the portafilter. The shot is then brewed. If you prepare white coffee with a drip coffee maker be sure to fill the brew basket only half way. It will take a long time for the coffee to brew due to the water absorbtion. You may need to squeeze the coffee filter when you’re done brewing to milk every last bit of the nectar into your coffee pot.

White coffee may seem strange, but it is a hit. You can find white coffee sold more and more places. If you want super fresh white coffee that is certified both organic and Fair Trade we recommend Nectar of Life Coffee https://www.nectar-of-life.com/White-Coffee.htm . They’re experts at roasting white coffee. Not only is it certified organic, it’s delicious!