How Do You Really Win Your Ex Back?

A recent study has shown that an overwhelming percentage of men would want their ex-girlfriend back into their lives and especially those who know that their relationship and intentions were pure and they broke up merely due to misunderstandings and things like lack of communication which might seem like a minute issue but that alone ends more relationship than any other thing, the mindset for getting your ex back is a very particular one, you have to make conscious choices and behave in a certain way to keep her coming back to you and you would to do what the experts suggest and we are here to tell you just that.

Before you start your shenanigans you should first be absolutely clear that she wants back too and you would know that after a while, right after a breakup you give her the space she needs and do not contact her at all even if you are unable to stop yourself from it because of overwhelming emotions, but hold yourself back because this will show you a few things and answer a few very important questions, so it is better you follow this rule right after a breakup, don’t be foolish enough to send flowers without consent, the mistake many commit is that they still behave as if she belongs to you, but rather seek consent after a breakup.


Another really important question you need to ask yourself is whether you have the time and energy to put in the effort that is required because you would have to do a bit more than you expect to get her back and be prepared for it if she is worth the effort then it will all come good after all if you win her back.