Is there an advantage to using EEG machines?

Is there an advantage to using EEG machines?

People don’t understand that EEG is an electroencephalogram that can record brain activity. During the test, a small sensor is attached to the scalp to get the electrical signals from the brain. A machine records the calls, and a doctor translates them. A trained specialist manages the procedure during a short visit to Seer Medical.

When is the machine used?

Using an EEG is used to help to know and monitor the conditions that affect your brain. It will help you understand what causes the symptoms of seizures or memory problems. The use of the machine is to detect epilepsy, which is a condition caused by repeated seizures. It will help your doctor to know the type of epilepsy that you have. It will understand what triggers your attacks and how you will treat them.

How is it carried out?

There are different ways for EEG recording to be taken. The clinical neurophysiologist will explain the process to you and answer your questions. You can also be asked whether you like to get the treatment for different parts of the test to be carried out. It will include the video consent for other EEGs. Before the trial starts, your scalp has to be cleaned, and some sensors will be attached to you using glue or paste. Wires will then connect it to an EEG machine.

Seer Medical

Routine EEG

The recording will last for 20 to 40 minutes, and during the test, you will be resting quietly. You will then be asked to open or close your eyes. But there are cases in that you will be asked to breathe in and out for a few minutes. It can use a flashing light to determine whether there are effects on your brain activity.

Sleep EEG

A sleep EEG is being done while you are sleeping. It will be used when a routine EEG will not give more information you need. Doctors are using it to test for any sleeping disorders. There are scenarios where you must stay awake at night before the test to ensure it is carried out. 

Ambulatory EEG

An ambulatory EEG is the brain activity recorded during the day and night for over a few days. The electrodes will be attached to the small recorder clipped to your clothes. You can use it during the days while the recording is taken. You must be careful to avoid getting wet because it can malfunction.

Video telemetry

Video EEG is a particular type of EEG where you are being filmed while the recording starts. It will help to give more information about your brain activity. The video is recorded and kept under surveillance by a staff.

It will be a great help to know what must-do tests on specific problems. EEG is a big help when you are in a hospital to understand your brain activity. Many don’t know how it works, but these will help you understand better and give you more information.