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Temporary Lease Agreement

This is a particular type of lease with a duration of between 1 and 18 months . This type of contract can only be used in particular situations. Its stipulation, in fact, is linked to the temporary (non-tourist) needs of the tenant, who requests a property only for a particular period (for example for work). The classic case is that of a worker who has to move temporarily, for work, to a municipality other than his own. To learn more about this type of contract, refer to this article: ” The lease for transitory use ” house for rent in Bangkok.

The Lease To University Students

This too is a particular category of contract linked to particular needs that university students may have . I am referring to ” non-resident ” students who remain in the university city only for the duration of the lessons (and exams). The contract has a maximum duration of 36 months and as you can imagine, if your property is located near a university city, this contract is the one that can certainly make you earn more. Also in this for further information: ” Lease for university students: guide to the contract “.

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The Tourist Lease Agreement

The lease contract for tourist use is a particularly lean and short contract. This is a particular type of transitory contract, which has a maximum duration of 30 days. The advantage of this contract is that it does not require registration with the Revenue Agency. As you can imagine, it is the most advantageous contract for those who own a house to rent in an area with a high tourist traffic. I am referring, for example, to sea or mountain areas, but also to countryside or cities of art. For more information, I refer you to this article: ” Tourist locations: how to make the most of them “.

Free Lease Agreement

The rent-free lease is the most common type of lease. It has a fixed duration of 4 years , which can be automatically extended for the next 4 years. This type of contract offers greater security for the lessor to obtain a passive income for several years. However, it binds the property for a long period by precluding other potentially more convenient forms of leasing (I am referring to shorter-term leasing contracts).