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9 Best Gift Ideas For Brothers For Any Occasion

Gifts go a long way to strengthen relationships and create unforgettable memories. There are many occasions that call for a gift like birthdays, graduation, and Rakhi. With the tradition and so many expectations, it goes without saying that you have to surprise your brother on the new milestone. Did you know that a cake is not only for the wedding couple or the birthday person but a gift for everyone at the event? And flowers are not only meant to gift women but also men! There are many other creative gifting items you can pick that are occasion-specific like Diwali and Rakhi online among a myriad of others. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share the nine best gift ideas for brothers for any occasion. Take a look.

  1. Personalized name photo frame

A picture is said to contain more than a thousand words when you see an old pic from a happy or sad moment – those memories begin to feel as if they have just recently happened. So, you can surprise him with a personalised name photo frame. From a distance, the frame just reads his name but as you get closer you begin to see photos on the letter. You can add photos of you and your brother.

  1. Personalised keychain

Everyone has their own keys be it for home, car, bike, or office. A keychain for a gift will make you his heroine as the thought of your charismatic personality comes to his attention when he grabs the keys. You can have the keychain personalised with a name or a picture. And he will use the keys for a long time and so will the keychain too.

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  1. Wallet

Wallets are equally important for men just as purses are for women. You can make the best impressions on him by replacing his beaten wallet “or better that one, which you secretly hate”. If he is more into using mobile payments or only use it for keeping his bank cards and business cards – you can gift him a personalised card wallet. Or you can gift him both the card wallet and the cash & accessories wallet, all personalised with his name or initials.

  1. Sweet treats

Is he a sweet tooth person? If so, then you have a myriad of heart-melting sweet treats to surprise him with. You can surprise him with a chocolate and snack hamper, that has his favourite chocolates like Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, and Kisses, and add cookies to the hamper. Or you can go all the way and wow him with a luscious cake that has his picture, a message, and a name, just to make the moment a spectacular one. And also add his favourite cartoon, movie, and game characters. To take the gifting to another level, you can also pick his favourite flavours like chocolate, vanilla, black forest, and fruitcake among others.

  1. Beautiful flowers

Flowers are the best way to express feelings and emotions because they come in a variety of colours and types. They have been used throughout history for gifting purposes. So, they are not a women thing! Some of the ideal flowers to gift anyone is roses, carnations, gerberas, lilies, and orchids, you can also mix different flowers depending too. You can surprise him with the beautiful blooms in a basket, box, or wrap.

  1. Personalized mug

The best way to start a day is with breakfast with tea and other cuisines. It is also a family thing to gather up every morning for breakfast. You may not be close with your brother to share this wonderful meal of the day, but with a personalised mug – you will always be on his mind wherever and whenever he has a hot cup of tea or coffee. You can have the mug personalised with a photo, name, and message.

  1. Personalised cushion

When done with a busy day’s work, we all need to take a rest and reflect on our day and plan for the next. A personalised cushion is another way that will remind your brother of his cool sister when he lays his head on the pillow for a nap. You can have the cushion personalised with a message that can be a motivational quote, funny quote, or his goals. And also have it personalised with a picture and name.

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  1. Personalized table clock

Time is the most important resource we all have. Keeping track of time is the best way to stay ahead of your targets be it study, practice, or a work task. With the habit deeply embedded in us to consistently check the time. You can take advantage of this to surprise your brother with a personalised table clock that has a message, photo, and name.

  1. Customised game app

There is no better way to touch a person’s heart than showing them that you know what they love. If your brother has always been a gamer, you can surprise him on his birthday with a custom-made game app.

Closing up

The aforementioned gift ideas are perfect for any kind of event or celebration. Be it you are searching for the best kinds of Rakhis there are a variety of other cool and interesting gifts to surprise your brother from online gift shops and ideas from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.