essential Check before employment

What does a background check include?

Applicant screening is where it is used as a common tool for every applicant. Employers in a few places may use the following sources, for example, registry office registers, license tests, reports, driver data and data sets from past employment relationships. Totally free background check documents for any previous convictions. A particularly thorough applicant screening even includes drug tests or psychological reports – for example on handwriting.

In many places, an applicant screening can include the following measures:

Comparing documents

The first step should be to filter out discrepancies based on the applicant’s information. For example, if text fields in an online application contain different information than the uploaded documents. During the interview, employers also have the opportunity to have the original documents presented.

Research on the Internet

If the candidate has his homepage or even a separate application homepage, the information there can be compared with that in the application. Social or business networks also often allow insight into personal data.

Discussions with ex-employers

A call to the reference provider or former employer quickly reveals whether someone worked there as stated. The information obtained can also be used to find out whether someone fits into their own corporate culture.

Information from credit bureaus

Information from authorities or so-called credit bureaus can also be informative. A flawless report can be important if a position to be filled is associated with high budget responsibility.

Use of selection processes

Applicant screening may involve psychological tests and/or selection processes such as assessment centres. Companies can use these methods to find out whether someone has the required soft and hard skills.